Book 2: Entry 1

Charity and Giant Ears


We have found a whole new part of the tower. When we arrived at the top of a new stairwell, the connecting space was reminiscent of the Grand Cardinal Hall’s previous state: still and somber. There was only one window visible to us this time, one stained with a visual of the virtue “Charity”. It was fitting, I must add, now that we are through the window. The thing about the window is that it was very dim, hard to pass through. I tried casting the Knock ritual, but the result was the closed staircase behind us with a plate that once closed off the Warlord room. Hand of Fate from KU-RO was… useful? The answers to the questions were somewhat helpful, in a sense that it did reveal we had to pass backwards through the window to get to the other side. What made me more curious was the ritual process. It seemed as though KU-RO was crafting something edible. Was he baking?

My companions and I faced the window again after passing through the other side. Not only was the window reversed, as though we were looking from the inside, the window was also oriented sideways. Other than the augmentation of the window, the room around us was bare like the room in the tower. We took the stairway present upwards and emerged into the ruins of a watch tower. I suspect that the tower’s destruction was not simply by nature, as the missing walls and roof are more likely to be the result of some sort of powerful force. Whether physical or magical, that force must have acted long ago, enough for overgrowth of plants and flora to consume the remnants of the fallen structure.

The running water that we first heard upon our arrival on this side of the window was no mystery after we emerged from the forest. The Autumn breeze, the grass on the mountain side, and the shining sun- all three complimented the sight of river, which was the source of the natural sound. Angel, that moment, for all of us, had been the first encounter with an environment resembling the outside world. The view was breathtaking, but it was also a cruel reminder of what we have been separated from after being trapped in this tower.

In the distance was a town, for which The Stranger immediately headed for. He moved with such a force (perhaps as if drawn to it) it was difficult to keep up with him even on my disk. Actually, Eross, who clung to the disk edge, was clearly the reason I trudged far behind. The town was lively when we arrived. It was almost your regular city, but- everyone was so finely dressed. Not that I had much time to look, for we were immediately called upon some stranger who asked for us to deliver “a cart to the guild”.
Guilds? Carts? I didn’t quite understand and the time, and even with the information I have now…
I still don’t.

The cart was full of bees. Yes, bees. Everyone with whom we tried to make conversation were probably in their right minds when they immediately backed out after discovering that we were then in possession a cart full of bees. Finally someone pointed us in the right direction. At first glance, it looked like someone who couldn’t be older than I was- about the same height if not shorter. He wasn’t rowdy or energetic like a regular city boy though but rather brief and otherwise taciturn. Straightforward is another good choice of words- like you, Angel, when you often have something to say about how much time I spend indoors. But he’s much more brief. He led us to the guild where we needed to go, one of “Odds and Ends”. After struggling to get the cart to the loading bay (the cart was missing a wheel from both the front and the back), we were greeted by one of the guild members. I’m still uncertain as to why, but the goliath we met ports around a fake mustache. It’s clearly fake, but it is better groomed than that of The Stranger’s (I find myself surprised to write this, actually. No one wears facial hair any better than he or my grandfather, whom you’ve met before I’m sure). Soon after, KU-RO conducts some sort of counting role call for the bees, a phenomenon I’m not shocked by in the slightest and we are invited inside for a drink. Eross seemed to have remembered how awful an idea it was to give ale to the follower of Moradin and insists on giving it to him when offered. Fortunately the goliath thought otherwise and gave us all, including the brain damaged companion, a variety of other beverages.

Not much after we have finally taken in our surroundings, the goliath suggests that we go look for the other guild members who were out gathering “giant ears”. Quite the task, I thought immediately, gathering the ears of giants. Difficult, let alone dangerous! But might as well, right? The boy who brought us to the guild led us away from it again and towards the Big Field where everything was truly “big”. Enormous flora populated in the Field. A normal marigold grows no taller than the lower part of your calf, but these, Angel, I estimate to be as tall as a two-story house on average. I, curious, rose up on the disk to get a better look at the flowers. Eross, stupid, hitched alongside the disk with the neck of his crossbow, his weight offsetting the balance of the entire setup. It was difficult to control my descent, and by no surprise, I crashed. My books fell on to the ground and apparently Eross’ groin, as he emitted the highest pitch I have ever heard from a human being. Served him right for the terrible idea of hanging on the side of the disk. But it was likely the reason why a giant, not so far away, began to charge towards us.

And if the marigolds were not large enough, the giant towered over us, about 30-stories tall. The giant began his rampage towards us, crushing marigolds and ginormous flora that got in his way. Each foot step demolished a plants the size of the largest oak trees around the Kraatitian forests, and he was coming straight for us five. Going against common sense (a recurring theme, if you haven’t noticed), we engaged the giant hitting him with all that we had. The scouter indicated he was under an illness of I-don’t-know-what, made apparent by the red eyes and the foam gathering near his mouth. Somehow The Stranger was able to trip the giant and cause him to fall. We tried to restrain him, which was an impressive effort done by the boy named Ever and KU-RO. Ever suggested, as he raised the Earth and flora around us (impressively), that we give him something for his illness (which we later found was allergies to the sleepy-time bolts that Twitchy fired at the poor giant). KU-RO gave Ever a bottle of anti-venom, and then proceeded to climb the arm of the giant faster than I could even fly the Tenser’s floating disk with Ever and I on it. As KU-RO sling-shotted us upwards with his radiant powers, Eross, I saw, was coming face to face with a fox covered in the giant’s mucus, whom he probably tried to ignore. Ever and I were able to deliver the anti-venom while Eross cut open the pocket of the giant as suggested by the fox. Out fell an another enormous object: this time a nasal spray the size of another house. I rammed The Stranger into the bottle as he wished, and sent him flying into the air. His spectacular grace ended short as he missed the giant’s nose, fell to the ground, and exploded the nasal spray, sending wave after wave of the pungent liquid towards the rest of us. But The Stranger managed to stop the giant’s rage in the end.

There was barely any time for an introduction. The Giant, named David, apologized and quickly explained his situation. He went back to working, gathering these large stalks of corn- “giant ears”. But while the fox man insisted that we needed only two of them, David collected about two dozen total. And then he mentioned the incoming attack.


olimay kyulatari

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