Wizard Library

The Wizard Library (also known as the Dusty Library in its cursed state and the Ornate Library in its restored state) is one of the four libraries connected to Great Cardinal Hall. It occupies the northeastern corner of this floor of the tower.


Bookshelves cover much of the walls of this room, stretching from floor to ceiling. Brass ladders on sliding tracks, one for each set of shelves, allow visitors access to any book on any shelf.

In the center of the room stands a large, sturdy table, about arms’ span wide and under twelve feet long, large enough to accommodate three wooden chairs on each of the long sides, and one at each of the ends.

There are spaces between shelves along the northern, southern, eastern, and western walls.

  • North: An ancient tapestry depicting a wizard adorns the northern wall, under which stands a marble pedestal, about two feet high, in the shape of a decorative column.
  • East: A pair of wooden double doors open to the Corridor of Prudence.
  • South: Double wooden doors open south, back to the main hall. Carved across both doors is the ancient symbol for wizards.
  • West: A five-foot wide, three foot tall steel box sits nestled in the gap between the western shelves. Next to it stands a brazier and tripod , both made of bronze and finely constructed.

As Dusty Library (Cursed)

A thick layer of dust coats every horizontal surface in the room. Sticky veils of cobwebs hang in thin, tangled sheets from the ceilings, draping down along the walls. The low pedestal by the northern wall is hardly visible under the mess. The ladders and brazier are blue and corroded with age. There is a pattern on the surface of the large table in the center, but it is too faded to be recognizable, and amounts to a bunch of ugly discolorations.

Bookshelves (Cursed)

The dusty books seem to be in good condition. But instead of words and sentences, almost every book in the room contains pages and pages full maddening, random strings of letters.


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Wizard Tapestry (Cursed)

The man in the tapestry peeks out from behind intertwined mats of cobwebs, its face faded and blank in the space between his hat and long beard. In his right hand he holds a staff, and in his left he cups a crystal orb.

As Ornate Library (Restored)

Venerable tomes on arcane subjects of all sorts fill the bookshelves. The movable ladders shine in the subdued light from the brazier.

The majestic table glistens in the dancing light of the coals, surrounded by eight chairs with red velvet backs and cushions. A pastoral scene, with rolling hills and a rustic home surrounded by a few trees enlivens the rich lacquer of the table’s surface.

Bookshelves (Restored)

The bookshelves hold thousands of sturdily bound volumes on almost every conceivable arcane subject—from spells to the lives, wage statistics and writings of ancient wizards—all written in Old Common.

Tapestry (Restored)

A tapestry faces the southern doors, and from it the person of bearded man in the robes of a high wizard looks out with a proud, keen gaze. In his right hand he holds a staff, and in his left he cups a crystal orb.


2.0 Floors, Rooms, Windows

Kyu and The Stranger first enter the room from the south, following Benny, who passed through here earlier. They stop to examine the room. They unlock the steel box, activating a trap.

3.1 Hello Greyskull

The trap in the steel box sets off a silent alarm, which summons a platoon of decrepit and soldier skeletons, including Greyskull, into the room from the south. The silent alarm eventually becomes audible to the party. More skeletons come until they find and deactivate the warder alarm in a secret compartment in the steel box.

The pair search the room more thoroughly and ponder the books, which are bound like arcane volumes but seem to only contain random strings of letters. Eventually, they find several books with legible contents, both books of bad poetry.

4.0 This Message is Not for You

The party takes the table from the room in an attempt to use it to cross the pit in the Corridor of Prudence. A trap destroys the table and it falls into the pit.

5.0 Who’s Who

The party sends [aggressive] Arnold into the library while they confer with each other.

8.0 Tidying Up

The party places a volume of The Wizard’s Almanac on the pedestal, removing the curse and allowing the library to transform back to its restored state. To their joy, the doors fly open and the lost table returns, reconstructing itself before their eyes.

Eventually they discover that at least one volume of either Wizard’s Almanac or Arcana Compendium needs to stay on the pedestal at all times, but that they can freely swap out the volumes.

Location Attributes


Originally Found Here

Steel Box

The steel box contained:

  • 2 potions of healing
  • Quarterstaff +1

A secret compartment in the steel box contained:

  • Leather Armor +1
  • Switch to turn off trap

The party members found the following among the many volumes on the bookshelves.

Room’s Active Inventory

On Pedestal

Arcana Compendium volume 5 is currently active on the pedestal.

Steel Box

Presently empty, unlocked.

Brazier on Tripod

Lit, generating bright light in room.


The party has not yet met any new characters in this library.


Adjacent Places


Here are specific visions that seem to take place here.

see: Arcana Compendium
  • (free) A man resembling Gunther observes and jokes with his students as they study (they seem uncomfortable)
  • (paid) Janet pacing; tiny hooded figure placing magic mark on wall; Arnold in room—shadow on wall, and the faceless wizard deforms and beckons to him; Janet pacing, then face melts away into a smooth, grey, featureless surface
see: Wizard’s Almanac
  • (free) Man opens a crate full of books, fills in grids full of numbers, solving crosswords, full page ad: how to have a dignified, portly belly using a “weird old trick”
  • (paid) Benny running through Wizard library; tiny hooded figure sitting at table going through books; tiny hooded figure examining bottom of table—flash of light from underneath table

Wizard Library

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