Warlord Library

The Warlord Library (also known as the Bloody Library) is one of the four libraries connected to Great Cardinal Hall. It occupies the southeastern corner of its floor in the tower. This is the last library connected to Great Cardinal Hall the party was able to reach.



Location Attributes





Battle Strategies Notebook

  • (free) The usual rotating, aerial view of the room, although it is much hazier. Dried blood and slash marks cover every surface. The floor tiles end near two adjacent walls, replaced by what seem to be a large, L shaped iron plate. There is a small gap between the tiles and the plate: the party feels a sense of dread that something lies underneath. The vision fades.

Battle Strategies Notebook and Janet’s Diary

  • (free) First, a rotating view of the room from above (as with the notebook by itself). The perspective suddenly swoops downward, towards the floor. The vision grows dark. Then, dimly through the darkness, a form becomes visible—it is Janet lying still on her back, eyes closed, with her hands clasped on her chest. The vision fades.

Warlord Library

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