Grassgreen Gulch

Grassgreen Gulch (also Greengrass Gulch) is an old frontier outpost village on the edge of a rocky desert. A day’s walk will get travelers to Closecall Canyon.


In the generic frontier fashion, Greengrass Gulch was originally founded as a trading post, and thrived until the mining industry collapsed, about a decade ago.

Until recently, the town used to be tourist spot around springtime, when tourists come from all over to do psychadelics and have spiritual experiences. In the past five years, monsters have made it less popular a destination.

Some speculate that the name of the town was an intentional misnomer designed to attract industry and fool people into buying local timeshare apartments. An alternate theory suggests the name may be related to psychoactive herbs that grow in the area.


0.2 My Name is Benny / Join Our Neighborhood

Members of the party reach Grassgreen Gulch in response to a general call for adventurers by Wolfers Evergreen on behalf of the Duke of Grammar.

Kyu and The Stranger travel in a wagon with a traveling Brick Merchant. They maintain an awkward silence until they are almost at the destination. He gives them each a sample brick.


Most of the buildings in this town are made of rammed earth. At first, it seemed that merchants consider bricks very valuable here. However, the bricks turn out to be made of Whyddidite.

People and Creatures


  • Manflannel’s Antiques and Rare Items
  • The Slotted Spoon (Inn)

Grassgreen Gulch

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