DA's Happy Notebook

D.A.’s Happy Notebook (also known as the Cutesey Notebook or D.A.’s Notebook) is a hard-bound notebook with a glossy cover, decorated with various adorable illustrations. The party finds the notebook in the Bard Library on a wooden lectern .


The notebook is hard bound notebook with dimensions of 5″ × 8″. Its glossy cover features pastel-colored, cartoonish illustrations of adorable animals, flowers, clouds, trees. Every entity in the picture bears a smiling face. (Every single thing.)


The Broken Sunrod reveals the initials D.A. in large runes on the front and back inside covers.


All pages of the book (made of high-quality, 100% recycled paper) appear blank. (See “erasability” below.) The party eventually finds the hidden page that contains a script which generates the Magic Mouth Bard Library Speech.

The party is not able to write on this page in the usual way. Touching a stylus to individual words crosses them out. Touching a stylus in the right margin of the page crosses out an entire line.

Kyu and The Stranger discovered that crossing out words in this way removes it from the speech of the magic mouth.

Hidden Page

The writing on the hidden page is an unknown language, possibly some sort of Gnomish dialect. However, the party is able to decipher it using special glasses.


Below is the full text, as the party originally found it.

#!/usr/bin/gerl -e —silent
using <voice>
using <datetools>

timestampnow=`date +%x`

yell <<zzxxendofdisclaimerxxzz
Golems, these instructions are not for you!

da.say <<zzxxmessagexxzz Hello everyone. I’ve left you this
message in case you’ve found your way back to this floor. I
am beginning to think that we should never have split up in
the first place. As you probably already realize, the
progression of floors in this place is not always linear. I
have not yet discovered what factors influence the pattern.
It may have to do with what we have been calling
<scarequotes>the relics</scarequotes>. Also, each floor
changes! The marks I placed here are still present. but the
mechanisms are all different! Slightly different. The
premise is still the same. Anyhow, I’ve decided to place
these Golems here to force all of you to just <em>wait
here<em>. I’ve come to this floor five or six times
already. I am running out of space on this page. -If you need
to remove this book from this room for some reason, please
refer to the special security deactivation ritual I’ve
placed in the vault. There are a few other things that may
be useful for you there, including the trusty old stoppers.
K should remember how to access the vault. I’ve hidden the
facade under a marked tile just north of the stairs.

da.yell <<zzxxadditionalnecessarywarningxxzz Please just wait
here. Okay, Carlos? According to my research, unless
something changes, I should not be more than two hours.
Whatever you do, don’t go down the stairs!

da.flush >> /dev/magicmouth0

logtime=`tail -n 1 /chronometer/event/log/this`
execstring=timeelapsed -H $logtime $timestampnow
say “Recorded”`$execstring`“hours ago”

voice.flush >> /dev/magicmouth0

Kyu believes that this is some of general-purpose, heavily structured arcane ritual language.

Most of the text produce the bard library magic mouth speech. magicmouth0 seems to refer to the persistent magic mouth enchantment in the wall. The last four lines seem responsible for announcing how much time has passed since (presumably) the message was first recorded.

Enchantments and Special Properties

Kyu Latari determined that the notebook has an enormous number of enchantments, some of which overlap to produce specific, special effects.

Magic mouth connection

Placing the book on the lectern, or touching the book while it was on the lectern causes a magic mouth to appear out of the tapestry on the west wall (or whatever surface is most immediately visible, such as the bare wall). The magic mouth gives a speech.

The message can be interrupted by moving the notebook so it is no longer in contact with the lectern. However, replacing the notebook causes the magic mouth to continue from where it left off, unless a significant portion of the hour has passed.

Anti-Theft Enchantment

The party has not been able to remove the notebook from the Bard Library. When The Stranger attempted to do so, he bumped into an invisible wall of force set up by the doorway, preventing him from leaving and there was a small explosion that injured him (slightly) and knocked him prone. The notebook fell on the floor, but was completely undamaged.


The party has been able to write on and mark the page of the book as usual, except for the hidden page (see section above). The stranger discovered that by shaking the book vigorously would erase all markings, except the words on the hidden page.

Nobody knows how the hell this works, except by, you know, magic.


The party has not yet been able to remove the book from the Bard Library, so have not been able to take the notebook to the Viewing Room.


DA's Happy Notebook

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