Closecall Canyon

Closecall Canyon is about a day’s walk from Grassgreen Gulch. It is perfect for scenic picnics, hiking, whitewater rafting, and getting ambushed by unreasonable numbers of orcs.


0.2 My Name is Benny

Wolfers Evergreen’s contingent set up a fortified camp in the canyon and began preparations lay seige to the legendary cursed tower. The Stranger helped out with camp preparations while Kyu Latari decided to play a few pranks but is foiled by Gunther Gundahar.

An administrator assigned The Stranger and Kyu a watch on the edge of camp. When they arrived at their assignment, they found themselves unable to wake one of the pair on the previous watch, a Disagreeable-smelling Dwarf, and they just decide to leave him there. Kyu tried to play a particularly nefarious prank, but it backfired on him. Feeling defeated, Kyu decided to change his Swordmage specialty.

Towards the end of their watch, Benny Goosejocks came to visit the pair. Just then, bells and horns sounded distress signal from the direction main camp. Sounds of fighting echoed around the canyon.

0.5 Ambush in the Canyon

After leaving the dwarf behind, the three raced down to help the other adventurers. They encountered a band of orcs, who proved too numerous for them to handle alone. Wolfers Evergreen appeared, unleashing a powerful fire breath attack that devastated the enemy Orc skirmishers. The Stranger, Kyu, and Benny were able to finish off the rest of their orc aggressors.

Wolfers filled them in that orcs had ambushed the camp, and told them to follow him to a rally point. As the four of them crossed a rope bridge, there was an earthquake. The bridge collapsed, and the four clung to the dangling
remains. Wolfers attempted to clamber downward to save the other three, but it was too late: they fell into the ravine below.

Their fall was not fatal, however, as several wirey shrubs broke their fall. Benny and Kyu fell with a splash into a small stream. The Stranger, meanwhile, managed a few acrobatic maneuvers and landed on his feet.

Just as they were coming to their senses, they heard the shouts of orcs from the other end of the ravine. Soon enough, huge band of orc warriors came charging into view.

Benny, seeming to realize something important, jumped to his feet and shouted for the others to follow him, as he ran in the other direction, upstream. Kyu and the Stranger followed.

As orcs cornered the party near a dead-end, they heard the solomn sound of a steeple bell from somewhere above. With the tenth toll, stone steps rose from the dusty canyon floor. Standing at the base of the steps, Kyu and The Stranger saw Benny pull something from his pocket. Facing the canyon wall, he raised his arm. A bright light shone from an object in his hand. The form of an intricately decorated building emerged from the rough stone of the canyon wall, with two enormous stone doors at their center, which creaked open. They saw Benny run inside and disappear into total darkness beyond the doorway. They each looked up, and saw that this building was the wide base of an immense, black tower stretching seemingly endlessly into the sky, a stark shadow against the moon.

With little choice and several dozen orcs at their backs, Kyu and The Stranger clambered up the steps after Benny and towards the open doorway. The Stranger suddenly had a bad feeling about all this, and they both hesitated. But as the huge doors began to groan shut, the two dived out of an approaching volley of orc arrows and into the mysterious entrance.

When the doors slammed shut, they found themselves in the silence of the Cathedral.

People and Creatures

  • Disagreeable-smelling Dwarf

Closecall Canyon

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