A young man who wanders around Charity and sings


Physical description: Ever is a young man (19 or 20), with white hair and blue eyes. He is relatively short (5’5’’ or so) and his skin is normally light but tans well in summer.

Clothing: Ever wears loose pants and shirt, clearly were bright colors but have faded now from the sun, the dirt, and many washings. He has a set of armor that he will wear into battle, but even that has color added to the small nubs that run along the edges of it.

General Impression: He seems to almost float down the street. He constantly wanders to a different stand and focuses on some small, odd object there. When meeting him, he may come off as very shy because he won’t really look at the new person, and doesn’t interact much.

Approach to new social situation: He generally seems like more of an observer than a participant, looking around at the people he doesn’t know about and sticking close to anyone he does know. Again, may seem shy and withdrawn but speaks up if he has something very important to say, or sees a way that he can help.

Approach to familiar social situation: Ever completely relaxes in a situation he is familiar with. He still stays quiet, but will pull a small object out of his pocket to fidget with while listening. He doesn’t speak up much when it is not necessary but he is very concerned about what he friends and family have to say.

Approach in battle: In battle, Ever stands back and calculates the best move he can make. He enters almost a trance, focusing on the areas where he is most needed and then calling upon the land around him to assist. His attention narrows, aware only of the dangers before him.



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