Ever's Journal Entry I

New People

Today I met some new people. They are very strange… they are not from Charity, but they also remember things. This has never happened before. The stupider one seems to be from Big City, but the smart one is from somewhere I don’t know of. Kratos? He has a really awesome flying machine! But I don’t think he’s been to the Casino so I don’t know where he could have gotten it. There are two others. One is strange, talking about someone I have never heard of who is apparently cold and would like us to be also. I don’t think I want to be cold, I like it warmer. The last jumps around a lot and maybe can teach me to juggle even better since he seems to know a lot!

They came to the guild delivering the bees. I thought they were the wandering people, the ones who lost their memories, because they didn’t know about the bees or the guild or much of anything else. Not even money. But when I spoke to them they seemed relatively normal.

Poor David got shot again, so when we all went to check on the men in the field he rambled over and started flailing at us. Two of the new people just kept whacking at him which was not very nice at all, but Kyu helped me try to lessen his reaction and I got to fly on his thing! I saw on there, he has many books. On war and things. So I’m not so sure about him anymore, we will see I guess.

In the end David was ok, since the jumping guy broke open his nasal spray. David is going to need to get another one I guess, I hope they aren’t expensive or anything. And now the bees are at the guild and we have lots and lots of corn and this is all very good. I’m afraid I will have to spend more time in Charity for a while though, away from home, because I need to keep an eye on these weird people. I don’t know where they came from or what they are here for, I hope they won’t cause any trouble…


olimay Zephy

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