Kyu Latari, Entry 3

I’m in the middle of travel right now, hence the messy handwriting. That, and the fact that Eross is taking so much room on my disk I cannot use the writing stool properly that I have to resort to writing on my lap. Current location: Carnivale (I cannot find this location on the maps of the celestial timepiece.)
There’s almost too much to record right now, but one thing for sure is that we’ve taken a step deeper into our quest to find the members of La Busa Magica. Not too long ago, we discovered that Tim, one of the crew members, is currently housed and working at the Guild of Odds and ends. The fact that he doesn’t have a very good memory indicates that when the crew split, Tim must have either not had a relic or ended up losing his. We’ll need to investigate further.
A strange phenomenon has occurred in Charity. In correspondence with the upcoming Brightcomb festival, a khalashtar priestess of Sehanine has made sanctuary within the city grounds. Although for KU-RO and I this would be a normal occurrence in our world, it is a strong discrepancy for Charity, as indicated by Ever’s naivety about the Gods. I asked about the presence of the others, the Cadence said that she-

- The entry terminates here -


olimay kyulatari

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