KU-RO's Journal, Book II, Entry Three : Day One, Part Three

In which is recounted the events of third part of the first day comprising reaching the ODDS & ENDS GUILD, discovering the location of TIM, ascertaining the nature of certain celestial bodies, including the moons of this land, meeting HERR DOKTOR PROFESS

the Most Staunch, the Most Hardy,

Here continue my account of our journeys.

Soon after I completed
My previous journal entry,
I had a talk with DAVID,
Who I believe was entirely receptive
To my admonitions
About luring friends and strangers
To attack his MOTHER.

[Editor’s note: David responded only confusedly to KU-RO’s attempts. Ever also seemed confused.]

Soon afterwards,
We approached in the CITY of CHARITY,
And were able to get a good view
Of the architecture of its walls,
Which seem to be arranged
In a hexagonal formation around the CITY
There being six main walls.

At this time we observed
That the external walls
Made from smooth, well-crafted grey stone,
Did not seem to be used as defense
As much as structures
In which other structures reside.

In other words, the people of CHARITY
Seem to treat the walls
As others would treat cliffsides
Or caverns, or hills,
And they build commercial areas
Such as workshops
Or marketplaces
Above and inside the walls.

Indeed this reminds me of some places
Where ancient ruins are treated
In the same fashion
A military watch-tower repurposed
As an abode,
Or an ancient Dwarven fortress,
Perhaps more vilely,
As a den of dragons
Or Goblins, or Hoblins,
Or Kobolds,
(Such as offends MORADIN).

Though this sight seemed pleasing
Rather than at all offensive—
Such fine structures,
Of great handicraft,
Continue to be used rather than abandoned,
Even though their original purpose
Has long past.

I contemplate this fact for now,
Even though at the time,
Soon after looking at the walls,
I did not,
But rather continued to contemplate
The issue of the dreams,
That my comrades,
And even young EVER
Did experience
And the common symbolism of the tree.

I will return to this topic in due time,
As I have new thoughts and new information.

While in the wagon,
We, meaning KYU, THE STRANGER,
EROSS, and the youth EVER,
Began to talk about the previously undeciphered
Symbols shown on the CELESTIAL TIMEPIECE.

Ah, but wait—
I am forgetting an exchange I really should note,
As it pertains to one of the missions.

Around the time we saw the walls,
There was a halfling walking alongside the wagon,
Who introduced himself as TIM.

I immediately reminded KYU,
Who was still feeling downtrodden at the time
About the damage done to the SCOUTER
That this TIM,
Since the name is so very uncommon,
Might be the very same TIM
Who is a member of the crew of LA BUZZA MAGICA
and the companion of D.A.!

Indeed, when KYU mentioned D.A.,
TIM seemed to remember “the ship”
immediately, and mentioned
Both LA FRIZZ and D.A.

We questioned him about his time of arrival,
But quickly became confused ourselves,
Since he mentioned 21 months
Being equal to over a year!

It seems that the manner of timekeeping here,
Or perhaps simply the length it takes
For the SUN to return to a certain place in the sky
Is longer here!

The youth EVER,
Who has continued to accompany us,
Quickly informed us that the length of a year
In this land that contains CHARITY
Is exactly twenty months,
Each having twenty days.
The days, however,
Seem to have the same twenty four hours
That we have in our land.

How strange, indeed…
Praise to MORADIN for the wonders of all worlds!

But back to what I was dicussing before:
The symbols on the TIMEPIECE
That appeared soon after we emerged
Were explained by EVER simply
As this land’s four moons
Coming to alignment in the sky
Over some large collection of stars
Arranged so that the dark spaces between them
Outline hexagons, like a honeycomb.

And indeed this formation is called
And it is in celebration of this alignment
That the upcoming BRIGHT COMB FESTIVAL
Is to be celebrated.

The alignment is as such:
The paths of the four moons
Come parallel with the bright band of stars
Called the BRIGHT COMB
And on a day called BRIGHT COMB DAY
Are in perfect alignment on each side
Of the central hexagonal formation of stars.

I shall discuss the periods of these celestial bodies
At a later point in time.

In any case,
There is a legend that is as follows,
Drawn by the youth EVER
In the sand in the wagon:
A door opening in the hills,
One one side, a Fox,
Such as these Foxes that walk around CHARITY,
And on the other, a humanoid person.

The iconography that EVER reproduced
Indicated the humanoid was arriving,
And the Fox was greeting the humanoid.

Another detail was that the humanoid
Was even smaller than the Foxes,
Which seemed to surprise KYU.

At that moment I did not think much of it
Reasoning it to be part of the style of iconography.

We lingered long in the wagon,
Continually discussing these things,
Who came outside again
To make sure we were comfortable
And to urge us to come inside.

[Editor’s note: Giomustachio was mostly wondering why the five of them had remained, awkwardly, in the wagon, when everyone had gone inside.]

Inside the guild hall of the ODDS & ENDS GUILD
We sat in a smaller section by the bar
Seemingly meant for larger folk
Such as ourselves
Since the average height in CHARITY,
The land being dominated by Halflings and Foxes
Is quite a bit bit shorter.

In fact most of the members of the ODDS & ENDS GUILD
Seem to be Halflings and Foxes.

We had a lunch of fish sausage,
Which seems to be very popular
In the area;
I have never had it before,
But it was quite enjoyable.

EROSS seemed to be visiting the bathroom quite often
While we were eating.
He seemed to be very pleased
With something he noticed in the bathroom.

We made arrangements with GUILD MASTER GIOMUSTACHIO
To stay in the guild hall,
And when EVER went to fetch some beddings for our stay,
It afforded the four of us,
And I, KU-RO,
Invoker of the Holy NAME of MORADIN,
A chance to speculate about all that had transpired
Since our arrival.

However, we were soon interrupted
By the return of EVER.

[Editor’s note: KU-RO accidentally used Divine Call on the door as Ever arrived.]

KYU managed,
Or so it seemed at the time,
To conceal the presence of THE VAULT,
Which we had opened
In order to stow our belongings
Which was indeed part of our reason
For meeting without EVER.

Since it was still early,
We attempted to visit the goldsmith
Whom EVER and another guild member had recommended
As an appropriate person to fix THE SCOUTER.

It turns out, is an elegant Gentleman
With a large frame,
And a contemplative countenance.
I am still impressed with him,
As I was at the time.
He had the instant insight
That THE SCOUTER is not much different
From a “thinking monacle”
As he put it.

Urged us to return the next day
In order for him to continue
With THE SCOUTER’s repair.

When we returned to the ODDS & ENDS GUILD
Which was only a short walk away to begin with,
Observing the sky, and in particular the moons
Which were now all visible above the walls.

Since we did have some time,
He suggested we see a nearby Fortune Teller
As a novelty, and also
He did mention that the fortune teller
Was a Priestess.

At the mention of a Priestess,
I deigned to go at once,
Since the only persons
Of a profession dedicated to the Divine
And the WATCHMAN, though he never mentioned it—
Or did he? My memory of the recent Time Contraction
Is still quite hazy, I suddenly realize.

Though I do not know why.

In any case, ever our now-guide, EVER
Led us down to a quieter section of the CITY
And to a tent in which we were to meet
The Fortune Teller, a Priestess of SEHANINE MOONBOW!

The tent seemed well-traveled but dignified
From outside, in the alleyway, where we stood.

And as I expected, the inside was spacious,
The walls seeming made of stone,
Like a proper temple.

Yes, I recall that EVER himself had been surprised
At GUILDMASTER GIOMUSTACHIO’s mention of a Priestess,
And even more surprising on recollection
Was the good GUILDMASTER’s whispered musing to himself,
“What is a Priestess?”

I must tend to preparation of my Daily Spells now,
Which is what I must call it,
Since I no longer convene
In any manner with BLESSED MORADIN
But through mysterous means.

In the next entry, I shall detail
This surely Fateful meeting
With the Priestess of LADY SEHANINE.

The Most Robust, the Most Artisanal.


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