KU-RO's Journal, Book II, Entry One : Day One, Part Two

In which is recounted the second part of the events of the first complete day of our expedition out

The Most Robust, the Most Artisanal,

Invoker of the HOLY NAME of MORADIN,
Continue the tale of our journey:

After assisting DAVID with the picking of giant ears of corn,
We were shot,
Through an act of misunderstanding,
Though only with some form of tranquilizer,
By an individual named TWITCHY,
Who is of the Fox-Race,
And the mysterious craftsmen
Who aided us in the defense of the MIRROR
Against the forces of the GREY AND PINK BUTCHERS,
Whose names are PROCRUSTES and CANDY.

In any case,
Once we were hit with the tranquilizer,
Which TWITCHY shot from a repeating crossbow
Of notable speed,
All of us members of THE PARTY fell unconscious.

While unconscious,
Did experience a vision
Which I currently believe
Was a transmisson from the GODS.

In this vision,
I saw an immense tree,
With nine main branches,
Each too tall for even I, KU-RO
To reach.

Around the tree, the GODS,
With hands joined in a circle around the trunk,
Danced joyously,
And I understood that around the tree,
The GODS had a truce,
And no conflict could take place there.

And waking from the dream,
I was filled with a sense of harmony
With the world.

As I consulted with my companions,
It became clear that we each
Had similar dreams while unconscious.

Each of us dreamt of the immense tree
With nine branches,
But the additional details of the scene
Aside from the tree itself,
Differed between the lot of us.

I believe, however,
That most of us had essentially
The same dream
But with differing symbolism.

Instead of seeing the GODS,
Saw many versions of himself around the tree.
It is likely that,
Given his narcissism and cognitive challenges,
That he is unable to see the GODS
In any other form except his own.

Saw scholars gathered around the tree,
Since he likely sees the GODS
As the patron and guardians
Of wisdom and knowledge.

The youth EVER,
Being too young to have meditated
On the nature of THE DIVINE
Did not see anything near the tree.

The exception, however,
Who, through his scattered comments,
I discerned did have a dream of a tree,
If not the very same tree.

THE STRANGER, however,
Displayed signs of either terror or sorrow,
And in any case,
His dream had not been pleasant,
But had given him quite the fright.

He avoided questioning of the dream,
By KYU, his oldest acquaintance among us,
And I did decide that it might be prudent
To wait to discuss the details
Until such a time at which
THE STRANGER might be more comfortable.

We kept watch the rest of the night,
And and as the collection was almost complete,
Having arrived earlier,
Announced the arrival of an unwelcome guest,
And charged us to protect DAVID
Until preparations for the canons had completed.

Our opponent turned out to be another giant,
Even larger than DAVID,
Of a size I had previously thought impossible
In any terrestrial realm.

Our strategy for the battle that ensued
Consisted around delaying our new opponent
And also ensuring that DAVID,
The main target of the larger giant’s attacks
Remained conscious.

The details of this battle
Are too long to recount,
But, notably,
The Youth EVER,
Who seems to have an affinity
To natural forces,
And I, KU-RO,
Invoking the HOLY NAME of MORADIN,
Were able to keep the larger giant at bay.

EROSS persisted in firing his projectiles,
Even though they were not having any effect
Due to the giant’s thick, rock-like hide.

KYU LATARI had a greater amount of success,
And when the opposing giant
Attempted to place KYU in its mouth
KYU notably performed his first act
Of teleportation out of the giant’s mouth.

Indeed, it seems his countless hours of training
In the Cathedral during those now-hazy months
Seem to have borne fruit.

EROSS, to his credit
Maneuvered and thus allowed me
KU-RO, Invoker of the HOLY NAME of MORADIN,
To deliver punishment to the opposing giant.

The result was the giant was preoccupied
And then knocked unconscious
By the firing of the large cannons.

At this point, the convoy of the guild,
With the large corn in tow,
Was able to depart.

KYU and perhaps the entire PARTY
Did suffer an ill side-effect of this enounter:
At some point, which is not clear to me at this moment,
The Scouting Device that KYU wears over his eye,
In the fashion of a monacle,
Was damaged and is presently inoperable.

KYU, despite his astounding battle performance,
Is presently despondent.

We shall have to investigate the repair of the device.

As a final note,
It seems that the opponent giant that we faced
Was none other than the mother of DAVID
Who attacked DAVID
For breaking some sort of embargo
On leaving the domicile
That is referred to as “Grounding”
In the local vernacular.

I must speak to DAVID on this topic presently,
For it is not pleasing to MORADIN
That a child disrespects his elders
Under most circumstances.

After that, I shall ponder the common symbolism
In the dreams we each had,
For I believe it to be a portent of sorts.

The Most Staunch, the Most Hardy.


olimay olimay

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