Escape From the Cathedral

Eross phased out for a moment after realizing that his Crossbows had blue smoke emitting from them. When I finally looked, I saw that there was a pile of papers on the floor, which KU-RO pointed out to Eross. Honestly, I hadn’t seen them there before, but Eross scooped it up anyway.

Then someone told us to get down and turn off all the light sources. At first, we couldn’t see them, but we would eventually find out that these people are Gordon Carbonstump and Ruarc Manflannel. In the darkness of the cathedral, The Stranger saw there was almost a whole battalion of Drow closing in our position. He saw that a group of them broke off from the others, and they remained in our area. I had a feeling that they had already known our presence, my thoughts confirmed by The Stranger. And while Carbonstump told us to stay down and keep still, Eross and I agreed that the only thing to do was to make a distraction and then run for it. Arking a slightly cracked sunrod, Eross was able to cause a disturbance with a flash of light, drawing the attention of the Drow patrol away from us while we made a break for it.


olimay kyulatari

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