Eross' Journal: Entry 1

Alright so we finally got our asses in gear. It was about time too, because I was starting to miss fighting stuff. So I’ll just start out at the important part. We went upstairs to the other place and the unfinished hall was there. Some window with people on it was there. Obviously another one of those portal things, but OF COURSE IT WAS UNLIT. This shit can never be easy. So we dick around as usual for a while trying to figure out how to get through this portal. KURO busted out the oh-so-useful Truth Hand after faking us out with some “Cooking with KURO”-level shit. Kyu also used a spell that TRAPPED US INSIDE OF THE FREAKING HALL WITH NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE WINDOW THAT DIDN’T WORK. So that sucked, but once the Hand of Answers was up and running, we asked some pretty good questions and figured out that we had to go into the window backwards. Easy enough. Once we got through, we found ourselves in some weird area with stairs. Once we got to the top, we figured out we were in the ruins of some kind of watchtower. The only way forward was to climb out into the brush. We came across a lake-stream and then a crazy-shaped town with walls. We get there and not two seconds pass when we’re spotted by a strange man in a big hurry. He gives us two small platinum bars which is great, except for the fact that he wanted us to move a CART OF BEES. KURO takes it upon himself to divulge all of our secrets to everyone he meets, so naturally he began to tell this guy everything that happened to us. Once again, I am left to lead the group with my cunningly sharp intellect. I smartly suggested we just leave with the platinum, but everyone was all over the cart already. So we had to drag the stupid cart, which was missing two wheels, to the place the guy wanted us to take it. KURO’s ‘ornament’ was up in my area the entire way. Not cool. When we finally arrived, the place turned out to be some kind of guild. A big guy with an incredible fake moustache was there to greet us. Oh and the kid that I didn’t mention earlier was there, and apparently knew the guy who runs the place that we had to bring the bees to. Then we had to go find Giant ears with that kid—the one that keeps calling me on my bullshit. Hurray. So we set off to find the Giant to cut his ears off, but before that we stumbled into a giant-ass field of big-ass flowers. Like huge, not just tall, but literally giant. Then there was this giant, WHO MADE THE GIANT FLOWERS LOOK PUNY, that looked like he was visited by Puff the Magic Dragon. This guy was out of it. And of course he would be pissed off when we got there. So without hesitation we start fighting him. With a few well-placed shots, I manage to bring him to the ground. Also The Stranger might have had a role in that too. While everyone’s messing around, I shoot him up and really get him bloodied. All the while I take absolutely no damage because I’m so skillful and adept. That kid that I don’t very much like was pretty useful in combat. I seemed to always catch the Giant by surprise, so I was really getting some great shots in. Then everyone in the party decided to throw sanity out the window and race towards the Giant’s mouth for some reason. Except The Stranger, he danced the ENTIRE time. KURO, the ever-wise, sprinted up the guy’s arm, while Kyu and Ever (that kid) flew around on Tender’s Floating Saucer with some vial or potion. Anyway, long story short, I save the day and the Giant is back to normal. He picked us up and took us for a ride, along with a random fox-person that came out of nowhere. Turns out the Giant ears were not actually Giant’s ears, but giant ears of corn. Bees and giant corn. Solid day.

Missing details:

  • Kyu tried casting Knock, but instead of opening a new path for the party, it locked the staircase that leads down to the main tower.
  • Everyone in Charity seems to be shorter than average height from the party’s perspective.
  • They are also very well dressed, which stood out to the party.
  • Ever is shorter than the party, but actually not the youngest. Kyu is still the youngest.
  • KURO counted the bees…
  • The Giant, who the party later found out is called David, stood 30 stories tall.
  • The encounter was ended when The Stranger, with the help of Kyu’s disk, exploded the nasal spray and calmed the Giant.


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