Book II - I - I (The Stranger)


(as The Stranger cannot Write, this entry has been dictated to a scribe, true to his words and prosody.)

We are Off once more!

I can hardly detain the Enthusement that wells within me. These six months past, waiting for the Grand Philharmonic to return to Playing-In-Time, have not been wasted. But- to leap into worlds unseen, into skies unsailed, into sands unstumbled, into leaves untwirled… the cravings are Insatiable.

We found the Window of Charity to be Unlit and in need of Power, which we alone could not Generate. Kyu used something- one of his many Magicks- called Knock, but The Tower did not care for visitors, and a grate sealed our stairy exit! In quick response, KU-RO prepared a delicious ritual and we once more asked the Hand of Fate where our answers Slumbered. After some Confusement, I was First-to-Enter- the Slide of Mimes gave way to Hand Springs, and Lo! I Passed through the Window. The others soon followed, I suspect, having mastered the same techniques through the Genius and Skill I respect in them, so greatly.

On the Other Side, we found ourselves within a Ruined Watchtower. We heard a rush of Water. We felt a Stiff Autumn Breeze and saw many a Spiny Tree beyond the thorns and bushes. The hill we were on was near a town, and, ah- I did not detain Myself well- I ran to the town ahead without heed of the Others!

Upon reaching the town, a fellow immediately asked us to bring a Wagon of Bees to the Guild. He paid us- though he needn’t have bothered, as we are wont to Aid and Do Good- but after he left, none would speak to us. There was no Gust in their faces as they hurried away, and were this a response to Performance, I would have been Devestated. FInally, a young man told us where the Guild was. He would even lead us there! Such a Caring Fellow. I wish to know him better.

But the Wagon! It stood upon Wheels Unbalanced and Missing. The only solution was to carry it to the Guild. It is lucky for that fellow that he spotted us, for we are full of Enthusement and Strength, and we happily carried out the task, wagon, and bees. I placed myself Beneath, Braced my shoulders against its underwagon, and sought to Lift it with a Deep Squat, with the others Lifting as they could. And Lo! Our combined Strength raised the wagon, and with the Guideication of the young man, we completed our Quest. The small task was Enjoyable, and ah- just as they say- the Bee’s Needs.

We met a Gentleman with a Fabulous Mustache. He thanked us for our Aid and gave us Drink. But the Guild was empty- the other Members were on their own Quest. And soon we were to join them, to bring back A Pair of Giant Ears.

The young man, named Ever, was able to lead us to Big Field, where Tall Flowers stood, ah- Tall. Kyu flew Above on his Disc, with Eross-In-Tow. They saw a Giant, but when they came down, Eross- ever the Prankster- pretended to fall and be Hurt by the Books. Perhaps he Pranked too loud, for he alerted a Giant! The Giant was sick with The Madness and charged towards us.

We knew what we must do- our only recourse was to Detain the Giant. At KU-RO and Kyu’s command, I dashed in, with my allies close behind me. I was First-to-Reach, and I knew to Perform the Dragon’s Tail- one of the Legendary Dances that Grandfather taught me. A foe of Any Size, he said, would Fall- and Lo! Fall he did!

The Giant Fell and, ah- I must say that I Fell in a way- I Fell to Dancehood once more. My arms and legs Spun and Twirled in manners they Had Not in months past. I gave in to my Heart, and Performed the most powerful of the Legendary Dances that I had yet mastered. It is because of this that I am spotted on what else perspired.

This is what I Know:

At two points during my Dancing, I found myself in transgression of a flask. The First-To-Find, I gave to Ever. The Second-To-Have, I gave to Eross. I do not remember what happened after.

At some time, KU-RO climbed the Giant as one tickles a mountainside. From my Studies, I believe his Skills to be Gifts from his god, Moradin, whom I remember being Of Mountain.

Our Hearts moved as One, and we were almost able to cure the Giant of The Madness. A Fox came Jumping towards us, and told us to get the Giant his Medication-In-Pocket. Eross- in True Form to his Genius- revealed a Large Object. I called to Kyu and Ever during their decrescendo, and with their Aid, I was able to Perform the Swift Flight and the Quicksilver Motion, to bring the Medication closer to the Giant’s Head.

Alas, I Performed with too much Vigour and Missed. But Lo! The Object became Cloudian and disparaged The Madness.

The Giant thanked us and Apologized, and we Learned that he had a thaumaturgy to Sleepytime Bolts. Our Quest continued, and we Learned it was not the Giant- named David- whose Ears we needed. Ah, but to be certain, they were. They were not Ears, but Ears. Large Ears, grown perhaps by David. He cut down A Pair, then Another, and Another, until our Pairs numbered Twelve- Twelvemore than we thought Needed. David insisted, for he had a Favour to ask of us.


olimay TheStranger

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